Information Technology

From planning to execution, your technology environment aligns with business goals and objectives. Challenges are addressed and resolved through our analysis and recommendations. Simultaneously, we integrate IT Support and Solutions into your business environment optimizing your organization’s full value potential.

Securing your data takes significant time, effort and money; having a uniformed employee is one of the largest vulnerabilities in protecting a business. That’s why Concentric’s security solutions not only guide your employees on preventative methods to stop threats but will also ensure your security infrastructure meets compliance requirements.

To make effective strategic decisions, your organization must have confidence in the data. Concentric’s business intelligence solutions will assess data storage and retrieval applications and practices so that new methods of sharing information is timely, accurate and accessible.

Data Center operations take significant resources; the support and servicing of 24/7 operations and systems take your staff away from other critical IT projects. Our solution partners and staff can provide cloud migration or colocation services.  We all have the highest regard for integrity and a commitment to service. Likewise, the technology team can offer alternative ways to save on infrastructure operations and costs. For example, we offer a complete analysis of your existing telecommunications configuration, then propose best solutions for existing problems and efficiencies to meet future expectations.  Concentric Business Solutions can also assess your application portfolio for licensing improvements, Office365/G-Suite migration or redundant functionality.

We deliver measurable results through:

  • IT Governance (effective controls and practices)
  • Information Security Assessments (Audits, Employee training, hardening of environment)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Methodologies
  • Business Process Improvement (Analysis, Documentation  & Policies)
  • Project/Change Management Leadership & Execution
  • Business & IT Strategic Roadmaps
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Author: Concentric Admin
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