Looking for a Business Consultant or Technology Solution to help your Business?

Why our consulting

We are a full service business consulting group – we provide solutions that tie into established strategies and systems.

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Global consumer insights

Rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges with understanding of target audiences and purchase intent.

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Thought Leadership

Ideas are generated from seasoned executives. A solution is proposed. From here we can help you action the plan.

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Business Services

We review your business and your processes.  From financial reviews to expense reduction and workable solutions, we optimize your enterprise performance.

Energy and Environment

Some examples include energy audits to assess business enterprise usage, landman contracting for the energy and environmental sectors, and technology solutions for utility companies.


From QSRs, C-Stores, Restaurants, and Hotels, we provide everything from expense reduction to tax incentive solutions.

Financial Services

We work with current financials, proformas, or on transactional opportunities – buy-side and sell-side – to give our clients objective feedback on the best choices.


With an understanding of HIPAA and PHI, we provide expense reduction, defined benefit plans and analysis, and technology solution tools to Hospital Networks, Health Systems, Physician practices, and Insurance companies.


We work with Automotive Dealers and Lenders relating to both commercial and consumer finance, facilitating workouts, performing audits, and structuring loan transactions.

We partner experience with the right business solutions
to optimize your profitability.


  • Every Company is a Technology Company

    Nearly all companies today are using technology in some fashion to support the operations of their business, internally and externally. Integration of systems and business processes has become crucial to executing business strategies, improving customer service levels, maintaining profitability, and even the fundamental ability to compete in the marketplace. What is the best way to

    July 17, 2019
  • Engaging “brick & mortar” store teams in a partnership to improve productivity

    There continues to be a lot of press regarding the rise of eCommerce as the future of retailing.  To be sure, its share of retail activity is increasing.  However, the truth remains that 90% of retail sales transactions still take place in physical store locations.  The stores are still the face of the retailer to

    July 15, 2019
  • What did you do with my data?

    Another disastrous year from the “custodians” of our information. The constant leaking of personal information from all business segments is now an everyday occurrence.  There’s so much proof that developers and technology providers are not taking the time and effort to adhere to security standards and compliance. Nothing is sacred – it’s time to harp

    October 29, 2018
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